Photo by Ruby Love

Photo by Ruby Love

Looking Forward/ Portraits from an RV

About the Project

A collection of portraits and stories of people I meet on and off the road. Each person agreeing to be a part of this project, sharing a story, and having their photograph taken, will receive a small print of someone else. The images and stories will be shared here as they come. 

Everyone has something to say. In a time when we are always seeking connection through websites, social media, and other outlets, it is rare that we sit with a stranger and take the time to listen. With this project, I hope to bring people together through their stories and 4x5 hand printed photographs. By mailing a portrait of a participant to another, my hope is to connect two strangers. 

As stories are collected they will be posted here and on instagram @portraitsfromanrv

You can also follow me @monicajanefrisell to see more of the RV life.

About the RV and the Photos: 

I purchased my 1988 Toyota Seabreeze in May 2016. I have been slowly renovating it and converting the inside into a mobile live/work space that includes a small darkroom. Eventually I will be doing all the film processing and printing for the project on board the RV. The darkroom is equipped with a small Vivitar enlarger and a 50mm lens. Mostly, I will be using D-76 film developer for all the film, and Dektol for the prints. Most photographs are shot on Kodak 320 TXP 4x5 using a zone VI field camera, or TRI-X 400 with my trusty Hasselblad.